Nub – Nub Grafix

 Jan 07, 2015 - Artists2

This is my story…and I’m sticking to it.

When I was 15, my father pulled into our driveway with his newly lettered work van. I was in complete and utter awe at what this guy had just done with a paintbrush and a few cans of paint. I’ll never forget it. The painter’s name is Cliff Burgess…and that lettering job pointed me in the direction I’m still following today.

I’ve always been into art. Most of my family is artistic in one way or another. I was drawing on the walls by the time I could steal my brother’s crayons, and blaming him. But this was that “moment”…the spark that lit the match under my ass to actually WANT to learn how to do what this guy just did. So…I pestered my father to ask Cliff if I could work for him. He drove back down to his sign shop to talk to him…came back, and told me he didn’t really need any help, but directed me to ask another sign painter he knew. So I did. This guy said yes. His name is Leif Syvertsen. Leif’s shop was the starting point to this wild ride that I’m still sticking quarters in to this day.

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