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SATAgraph 4

  • SATA super grip trigger has a unique forward cut trigger with cross teeth giving a comfortable non slip grip.
  • Crosscut reversible air cap tip. Crosscuts allow air to flow away from tip when close to surface, painting with less turbulence than the standard tip. The nozzle shield is completely reversible so you can paint with the needle exposed to pick away tip dry just like the pros. Also prevents losing the tip when removed as happens to other brands.

Mikey Harris at work

  • Teflon coated trigger and rocker arm. This creates a super smooth trigger pull for better control.
  • Single piece trigger. No more going blind trying to put the trigger in the gun. More durable and less costly.
  • Trigger set knob at rear of the gun allows you to set the trigger pull at a certain position to control paint flow.
  • Solvent proof “O” rings on front and inside of airbrush.
  • Very affordable replacement tips and needles.
  • Competitively priced. The most affordable airbrush of this quality.
  • Most importantly the SATA graph 4 is “German Engineered, Made in America”